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bloody Hell, sh*t, sh*t, bugger!

Doesn't the subject say it all? Good night folks!

No, I'm kidding. Things are, well quite boring here for the most part. The biggest news lately has been my extreme fatigue and recent doctor visit. She took the usual battery of blood tests when I indicated I'd been having a more elevated heart rate than normal, chest pain, hair loss, night sweats, sleeplessness, extreme fatigue and moodiness (to say the least). I thought "thyroid, of course" but she said she thought hormones and maybe ovarian failure. EEEK.

So, tests run and I get a call back saying uh oh, my cholesterol and every related test was super high including my triglycerides which are mega high. Then my estradiol and estrogen were down as is my Vitamin D (which it's higher than it was, previously an 8 out of 50, 50 being on the low side). My dr wanted to see me to go over what type of medication to go on but when we talked about the tests, symptoms and side effects, she decided that though it all fits, she wants to repeat the tests.

Meanwhile, I already had an OB/GYN appointment setup for today for another pap. My OVERLY and I do mean OVERLY chipper dr went on and on about the blood tests, gave me this vague "oh well the estradiol probably isn't really all that low" and "the estrogen isn't really that low" and "oh well your ovary function is fine so if you were symptomatic ..". I had to finally find an edge into the conversation (I may have been making double-dutch hand motions trying to break in) I said "I AM symptomatic, what do you call the hot flashes/night sweats, hair loss, crankiness, heart racing, etc ... I feel like that's cause to think something is going on."

She ended up kind of dancing around before settling on "yeah let's go ahead and get some more blood tests and just confirm things". Fine but isn't it, I don't know, maybe just a little possible that I'm not some cookie f*cking cutter person and maybe what may seem a little possibly low to you is off for me? I'm 31! I shouldn't be having weird periods, hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss ... any of this BS. I'm sick of feeling like a Pinto!

I'm a Pinto. That's it, a POS car. That's me. *grrr*

So, we'll see. On the end of this stream of consciousness is an extremely tired woman. *yawn*

In other news, I've met three guys who seem to be on varying degrees of interested in me. Actually I think I scared one which doesn't surprise me. I'm not sure what to do, how do you tell people "hi, I'm exhausted all the time and really mostly too tired to go out hardly ever or even make the slightest bit of effort but I AM lonely ...". Oh yeah, that's sexxxy.

*more yawning*

I'm going to crawl into bed for a bit and pray I wake up with the energy to leap of tall buildings in a single bound or at least take my makeup off and change clothes now that I'm home.

- k
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