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I really need to do an update on the last two weekends as they've been mind-blowingly ... different. Very debaucherous (for me) and I feel like I should share the love.

Here's a pre-view ...

Last Friday night I went to Sanctum (goth club) to have some drinks and hang out. I'd had a really crappy week so I thought "what the Hell, let's just tie-one-on and forget how crappy work has been". Adam and I had a few "mind erasers" and I had several more drinks. I was actually very un-intoxicated for most of the night. I did, however, have one weird experience.

I was standing around, talking to Adam and Paul ("The Clairvoyants" Paul) when suddenly some girl grabs me, pulls me between herself and her short, blonde friend and they start totally molesting me!! I was like "huh, what" but before I knew it, it felt pretty good. I was kind of stuck between them at an awkward angle so at first I thought "I should escape politely (why was that a concern) and then after a few seconds I thought "why beat em when you can join em?".

The rest of the night when on slightly less eventfully until the end when I was talking with someone I will now refer to as #1 aka "TD". I don't know him too well but he was having a down night because his ex showed up and she was with another guy. I didn't get the details at the time but I was trying to be encouraging. He asked to buy me a drink which I thought was nice so we talked a bit, I enjoyed the drink and then had another. Another guy from the post "Too Neurotic to Live", #3 came up and was very friendly, normal and a little flirty but he wasn't pushing it. This might have made "TD" a little uncomfortable and then #3 sat down. Shortly thereafter, "TD" said "You can either come home with me now or I'll see you later". I paused for a brief second and said "I'll see you later".

Now, before you say "what a douche bag", I must say that he did text me the next day and apologize. He has also apologized several times since then. At the time though, I was put off to say the least.

I'm going to leave it there for tonight and make this a "to be continued" post.

- k
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