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Sympathy for the Wicked

It’s funny how much sympathy customers have for me today since I sound like I drank a 50 gallon bucket of Jim Beam and smoked about 100 cartons of smokes. People keep calling me “sweetie” and thanking me profusely for doing my job. I wish every day were like this. And, I sound kind of sexy … if you like chicks who sound like 40 year old meth-heads who’ve hit brick walls full force with their vocal cords.

I promised to fill you all in on the “shenanigans” that took place the weekend before last. I’m feeling a little less hot on the subject but I can tell you that 1) I got “tow-up-from-the-floor-up” 2) I (at first) involuntarily made out with “TD” and someone else I hardly know. *blush* This lead to someone in the restroom (because “TD” followed us to the unisex restroom) yelling “some of us would like to use the restroom!”.

After this incident, I ended up arm wrestling with a GORGEOUS guy with tats and then we “sparred” in the parking lot.

Did I mention I was “tow up”? *sigh* I shouldn’t drink in public, it just leads to me wrestling men in public. This of course is usually entertaining to others but still, it’s a little odd after the fact.

After the Friday night of strange events, I did have a nice outing with “TD”. We went to an art fair in Tempe and each bought some beautiful watch peices. We had a very nice lunch and even shared dishes. I think mostly because I ordered a pizza (small one) which “TD” graciously helped me finish (most of). I ate some of his olives. He ordered the Mediterranean plate – apparently we both really like Greek food.

Otherwise, not much else going on. “C” and I went out this past Friday after I spent a week sick but working. We had a few drinks but nothing exciting happened. I’ll expound on any additional thoughts … later.

God, I had some seriously F*CKED UP dreams this weekend. I dreamt about my family, I dreamt of disembodied head-bearing torso’s doing sick things, I dreamt of my old HS and zombies that eat their own flesh. *sigh* Was it the Nyquil? The Depakote? Am I just insane?


Back to work shortly. *jams to Falco “Where Are You Now?”*

- k

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